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Plot :
The Film ANGAD is a sensitive yet inspiring story of a young 10 year old boy who, along the journey of the film, undergoes a transition from a shy, fearful and timid boy to a confident and courageous lad who is an inspiration for many others. ANGAD, as the name suggests, is the name of the main protagonist hailing from Punjabi Sikh family and is Punjab (Ropar).

Angad, the son of Gurleen and Captain Kripal Singh, is born when Captain Kripal Singh was on duty at the Indian borders. Unfortunately, since Angad’s birth, there is no news about Captain Kirpal Singh despite intense investigations. Gurleen who lives with her middle aged sister-in-law Veera, raises Angad by telling him bravery stories about his father every night. Even though Gurleen and Veera shower Angad with their love and care, there is a big vacuum in his life.


Once Angad starts going to school, he hears stories from friends about their fun moments and special gifts from their fathers, he begins to realize the vacuum. He starts missing the feeling of having a father.

Angad does not make many friends in school. Though the school principal never distinguished between Angad and other children, some teachers are rather harsh on him and did not understand him. Many boys from Jeetu’s gang often make fun of Angad as sometimes he stammers. He is shy in the classroom and sits on the last bench. He does not interact with other class mates except Golu, his only friend. Golu is a son of a balloon seller who gives him balloons many a times and plays with him. Golu often takes him to his father and they play with the balloons and forget about all his sorrow.

Kripal Singh’s close friend and a local shopkeeper, Raichand, tries to befriend Angad whenever he gets an opportunity. Raichand many a times insists Angad to have lassi like his father. Apart from being a brave soldier, Kirpal Singh was also a very good kabbadi player and loved to drink lassi. But Angad avoids drinking lassi and is sometimes even rude to Raichand who offers him lassi on his way from school. Raichand being a well wisher of Kripal singh’s family understands Angad’s emotions and prays that Angad will also become a brave boy like Kripal Singh one day.

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